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Come Home To Your Deepest Essence

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gratitude and reflections

from the ones I have supported

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"Barbora has a unique intellectual capacity to meet and see unconscious elements driving thinking, relationships, and behavior. Her ways of thinking and seeing merged with genuine, heartfelt care helped me to go into places in myself that I would not have been able to surface and meet alone.  We sat with and moved with really challenging circumstances I was encountering - layers of grief, chronic illness that was at a debilitating level, deep work in processing and metabolizing childhood developmental relationships. We sat in questions around soul and what healthy expressions want to come through me in all different areas of life, from relationships to art to career. Our work also incorporated a respect for the metaphysical and intuitive, which is and was really important and essential in the therapy and healing journey she companioned me through.


Barbora tracked and held with me many layers of visible and invisible complexity in my current life, with its many moving parts and players, the linear journey through my history, the nonlinear transformation processes I went through prior to our work, as well as during the work we did together. Needless to say, she held and tracked a high level of detail that I really appreciated.  She also did not shy away from my big feelings, which was very healing for me. All that to say, her capacity to hold and be with huge amounts of information and to meet me with presence and openness no matter the content was powerful. She can navigate complexity, nuance, and the visible and invisible in a way that few therapists (and humans) I have met can.


I felt met in the deep and deeply accepted as well as challenged (kindly) at critical moments. I was also grateful for her willingness to engage the interpersonal therapist-client relationship in a way not a lot of therapists I have encountered do, or do well, with humanness and professionalism.  Her keen intellect, deep seeing insight, warmth, and genuine sense of care made a tremendous difference in my life.  I wholeheartedly recommend working with Barbora."

~Carlene J.


"Barbora is a fantastic therapist. She has a kind way about her and she connects with her clients in a meaningful way.  Barbora assisted my daughter and me with family therapy beginning a few months ago. We were struggling in our relationship and needed some help “seeing” each other. Barbora was a champion for us. She was able, through patient listening and gentle encouragement, to help my daughter and I connect again. She guided us through some tense sessions and was always there rooting for both of us and helping us listen to one another. She was consistent and professional and truly helped us through this rocky patch.  My daughter and I were able to get unstuck in our relationship and I could not recommend Barbora more highly."

~Edel S.    

BD website logo 2 (1).jpg

I look forward to connecting with you!

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