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infuse your life with soul & aliveness


Through the process of soul-based coaching, you create your life as a living work of art that represents who you are at your core. You come home to yourself, to your people, and to the contributions you are here to make.

Coaching helps you develop awareness and creating change in areas of life where you may feel stuck, lost, or disempowered.  In the powerful container of the coaching relationship, you are held and supported as you to listen deeply to the longings of your soul.  Together, we will consistently tend these longings, developing the practical rituals and practices that birth your longings into reality.


My approach to coaching goes beyond orienting toward happiness or success.  Yes, those things might happen along the way, but they are more by-products than the primary focus of our process. 


So what is soul-based coaching really about? 

  • It’s about growing trust with your inner knowing as the compass that can guide you through all of Life’s seasons, highs and lows

  • It’s about remembering your innate worthiness to need what you need, want what you want, and be who you are—and working through any worthiness blocks or wobbles you might have

  • It’s about taking 100% responsibility (without self-blame or shame!) for the life you are living

  • It’s about cultivating deep personal integrity that allows you to live in alignment with your values

  • It’s about tapping into the powerful potential of your relationships so that they become a conduit of empowerment and aliveness and support you in bringing your unique contributions to your communities

  • It’s about navigating your way through challenges or transitions you may not have chosen, and finding your seat of power, even in the face of outcomes you don’t want 

  • It’s about harnessing the power of your body, your emotions, and your menstrual cycle (if you have one) to embody your values and your most meaningful contributions to the world

  • It’s about maturing to the next level of your personal growth and development

  • It's about integrating all parts of yourself and creating raw harmony in your inner and outer worlds

Above all, coaching is about infusing your life with the flow of creativity, soul, and aliveness that lives within you.

The Process

First, we’ll identify where you want to go. 

What are your longings? What are your big, bold, juicy desires for yourself?  For your relationships?  For what you want to contribute to this world?  What are you reaching for?

Next, we’ll look at where you are now. 

The threads of what you are wanting to create are always present in your life; you might just need some help identifying them.  We want to get you intimately connected to the pulse of aliveness within you.  We want to listen to where you already are.

Finally, we’ll co-create stepping stones forward.

These will be small steps you can engage with regularly that help you build the life you want.  We'll integrate a number of psychological and body-based tools with deep attunement to what your soul is calling for.  Until, stitch by stitch, you see the whole tapestry of your life coming together.


We will weave in a myriad of techniques to create a rhythm that works for your unique needs and circumstances.  Some of the modalities that will inform our work include:

Copy of wholeness.png

A Note About My Approach

As a person and as a practitioner, I tend to be skeptical of superficial quick fixes. It is simply not in my nature to be particularly oriented toward "feeling better", "quickly moving on", or avoiding the hard stuff.


This doesn't mean the process will take forever (many of my clients experience meaningful change right away), or that everything is serious all the time (I belly-laugh with my clients during session on the regular).  It also doesn't mean we have to rush.  We can take it at just the right pace for your brain and body, and you have so much autonomy and choice in what the process looks like.  Yet if you say Yes to working with me, my hope and intention is that you are saying Yes to healing and thriving at the deepest level, body and mind and soul.


I get that this might seem like magical nonsense to you right now.  I get that it takes great courage to reach for a way of being you long for but have not yet experienced.  You'll know if the Yes is right for you.

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