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connect with your deepest self to find

belonging, embodiment and freedom

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~The crux of our work together is in showing up.

In your healing journey, I will show up for you solidly and consistently, creating the container of trust that healing requires.  As your brain and body take in what it feels like to be held with deep care and honor, you will cultivate new qualities of presence in how you show up for yourself and your people.

~Take in the nourishment of being fully seen in your wholeness.

In our culture, it can be difficult to find support where you can be seen and supported in your fullest expression and complexity.  I am committed to being that space for you, where you can show up as you are, in your confusion, your grief, your joy, your shame, your power, your knowing, and

so much more.  

~Create your own definition of what thriving looks like for you.

I practice a relationship-centered approach to therapy that takes into account social location, power dynamics, and oppression.  I am not in the business of teaching people how to fit into narrow standards that in so many ways do not fundamentally support our humanity.  Instead, I help you listen deeply and trust your own authority to create a thriving life and healthy relationships according to what those mean for you. 

How I Work

We will weave in a myriad of techniques to create a rhythm that works for your unique needs and circumstances.  That said, here are

some of the modalities that will inform our work.

Who I Work With

In my experience, when you come to psychotherapy, it’s rare to have one clear-cut area in which you need support.  Even though it may sometimes seem that way at first, upon further examination, there is always more under the surface.  I practice a holistic model of therapy where we develop awareness of how all the different areas of your life impact and inform one another.

So, how do you know if I’m the right person for you?

Those who get the most out of my work resonate with some or most of the following:

  • You're deeply committed to your growth and development 

  • You're ready to develop trust in yourself and your own authority

  • You want to grow a loving partnership with your body and your emotions

  • You’re committed to creating an ecosystem of nourishing relationships 

  • You're willing to mine for the gifts within the challenges you face

  • You’re ready to take full and shame-free responsibility for the life you are creating

  • You want to move beyond judgments of good/bad/right/wrong toward a more creative mindset

  • You’re hungry to implement practical tools and create meaningful change in your life 

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Psychotherapy is a deep and intimate process.  Some discomfort is likely, yet you want to be sure you are with someone with whom you feel a strong foundation of resonance and safety.  To that end, if you are considering working with me, please reach out to set up your free 30-minute consult.  

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