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A large part of our work together will involve you claiming what you stand for in this life. Below are eight of the pillars that I stand for in my work as a therapist. These are the threads I am listening for, holding, and reflecting to you as you find your way home to yourself. 

1. Your Soul 


The word "soul" means different things to everyone.  When I talk about your Soul, I am referring to:

  • Your strongest values—the ones you’d feel lost without

  • What you choose to stand for in this life

  • The deeper story that wants to be lived through you

  • Your deepest longings that come whispering or screaming from within

I stand for your longings, your story, and your values.  I honor them, I nourish them, I support them.  I listen for what they need.  And I am constantly listening for where they show up and how you can embody them more in your life.

2. Your Nourishment 


In my work, I stand for your nourishment.  Together, we will explore where in your life, your body, and your relationships you are already receiving the resources you need.  We will slowly entrain your body and your brain to take in and digest that goodness, even if it’s one molecule at a time.

3. Your Knowing 


I stand for your authority over your own subjective experience, including your body, your mind, your boundaries, and your choices.  I am not in the business of teaching people how to fit into narrow cultural standards that in so many ways do not fundamentally support our humanity, our thriving, or healthy relationships.  Instead, I will support you to gain trust in your own knowing.

4. Your Complexity 


We humans are complex creatures.  Our psyches contain multitudes of conflicting wants, desires, thoughts, patterns, needs.  We also interact with a multitude of people, concepts, and systems, creating even more threads for our psyches to hold.  I am a place where you can unpack it all, get messy, feel confused, or contradict yourself, and be seen in your wholeness. 

5. Your Coherence 


Peace, connection, empowerment, and rest are really hard to come by when you are constantly being pulled in different directions by seemingly contradicting emotions or voices within.  In our work together, you will learn to hold the tension and make space for all the parts of yourself, and then gently orient towards coherence—where you are at partnership with yourself. 

6. Your Courage 

Real change, deep intimacy, authentic contribution—on some level, all of my clients long for these things. It is not possible to embody these qualities without risk, without vulnerability—and that takes courage.  In our work together, I will listen for your courage, I will point it out when I see it, and I will cultivate it with you as you face the new, the heartbreaking, the confusing, and even your wildest dreams.  

7. Your Relationships 


None of us were meant to do Life alone.  In our relationship, you will get to experience what it means to receive being deeply seen, held, and supported as you face in to the questions of your life.  Our relationship will be both a resource and a template as you create a thriving constellation of enriching and empowering relationships outside of therapy.

8. Your Worthiness 


Finally, I stand for your inherent worthiness.  I believe in your value and your capacity to live the story you have to tell with your life to the fullest.  I believe you are worthy of and deserve all of the love, care, and support you need in order to embody what you long for and birth it into being, on this three-dimensional Earth, in this lifetime.

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