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Pregnancy, Birth, and Postpartum

take in the nourishment you need

to parent with joy & meaning

Pregnancy, birth, and postpartum is a period of massive life transition.  Drastic change occurs in every area of your life: relationships, family, community, body, health, time management, finances, sexuality & more.  Sometimes it seems that your relationship to Life itself is undergoing a revolution, as personal and collective patterns within you call for your attention and healing.  


This is a sacred and intense time of learning how to be responsible

for the care for another being without losing yourself. 

To do this, your life requires a thorough and complete overhaul.

And while you're in it, it can feel so grueling, disorienting, and lonely.


Therapy in the perinatal period is a place where you can know for certain that for this hour each week, you will be deeply seen, and your needs deeply tended to.  We will go at your pace, letting your mind & body take the lead.  The container I hold is firmly held and yet non-linear, so that we can go wherever you need to go each session. 

Some of what we might explore together includes:

  • Establish resourcing and body safety

  • Make space for all of your inner parts, and get curious together about what their needs are in the new context of parenthood

  • Grieve what you have lost from pre-parenthood

  • Explore your values & what you choose to stand for as a parent

  • Unpack any intergenerational patterns that come up & how you choose to relate to them

  • Create the safe space within which your brain and body can unwind any trauma patterns you might be holding

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Processing the Intensity of Birth


Whether you meet trauma or empowerment, suffering or joy, birth is a huge experience. Maybe you are preparing to give birth, and would like to explore the psychological, emotional, spiritual, and relational impacts of different birth choices.  Maybe you have already given birth, and need support in digesting this massive and complex experience.  In our work, you will be witnessed in a safe, trauma-informed container to move through your emotions related to birth.  Ultimately, you will be supported to digest your birth experience so that you can embody a narrative of empowerment.

Everyone's journey through the parenthood transition is such a unique combination of beauty, challenge, trauma, and triumph.  Therapy for new parents can provide the cocoon of holding you need for this intense and powerful transition to become the parent you long to be.  Ultimately, you will be supported to create a life that meets the needs of you AND your family.

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