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Come Home

to your deepest essence

Welcome.  I'm so glad you are here, with all that you are and all that you carry.

Those who find their way here all have one thing in common: longing.

There's something within you that hungers, that is curious, that has drawn you here.

What do you long for?

Maybe you long for more soulful and nourishing  relationships, where you feel both held and free.  For empowerment and wholeness in the face of trauma, grief, or a monumental life transition.  For a sense of purpose and belonging.

Maybe you’re not sure what you long for. All you know is that something is off, and that you want to feel safe and fully alive within your own skin.  You’re committed to your own growth, to relating to yourself and others from a place of wholeness, and you’re looking for a container of support where you can be deeply seen and held in your fullest complexity.

In our work together, I will meet you with tenderness, attunement, and honoring of your unique wisdom. You will develop body awareness and learn to partner with your emotions, including grief, shame, anger, joy, and more. You will also cultivate empowered and compassionate ways of showing up for yourself and your people.

I look forward to supporting you in creating the life you know, deep down in your bones, you were meant to be living.  


Working with Barbora, I felt seen and heard in ways I hadn’t experienced before. 
This helped me really be there for myself in new ways as well. As a therapist, I’d always known the importance of self-compassion—and now I know how to embody it on a deep level, with the parts of me that most need it. This is profound work.

M , age 53

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